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Show #018 – Social Entrepreneurship: Be a Changemaker and Do Something That Matters with Author Laurie Ann Thompson!

“How many times have you complained about something but done nothing to fix it? Or noticed something and thought, someone should do something about that? We all have those thoughts sometimes. And it’s okay because none of us can solve every problem we encounter. But guess what…you’re someone. And when you set your mind to it, you absolutely can do something that matters. “ Laurie Ann Thompson

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Show #014 – Clinical Nutritionist Kim Kirschner Talks About Why a Whole Food, Plant-Based Diet is the Best for Life and Disease Prevention!

Are you aware that a whole-food, plant-based diet is proven to help prevent and treat cancer? Are you aware that this diet also lengthens and improves your life? Listen to licensed clinical nutritionist Kim Kirschner of Willow Star Haven Charitable Foundation discuss this type of diet as well as cancer coaching and her food for life training program.

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Show #012 – Living Your Family’s Dreams Through Travel with Caroline Makepeace, co-founder of Ytravel!

Ever wonder what it would be like to travel the world and make a living doing it? Caroline Makepeace, co-founder of the Ytravel, writer, speaker, social media influencer, and mentor, is here to tell us how she and her husband have overcome some financial woes and turned their hobby, traveling, into a full-time business. This business, filled with passion, has enabled them to homeschool on the road and spend more quality time as a family. Their dream for you? To live your out your travel dreams as well! Listen in- it may change your family’s life!

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Show #010 – New Year Family Resolutions with Inez!

The holidays have just begun- the split pants, the egg nog, the Christmas cookies, Grandma’s apple pie, and the lazy days and nights by the fire, but the New Year will be upon us soon! Time to make an action plan! Inez Edwards Savage is here to talk with us about the YOU pillar- emotional, physical, and spiritual health resolutions for the New Year!
Are you ready to make some resolutions AND stick with them???

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Show #009 – Family World Traveling with Elly Conklin!

This Holiday Season, I feel it’s important for you to bond with your family through learning about culture. How do you do that? By learning about different customs and cultures around the world! My cousin and lifetime friend, Elly Conklin, is here to talk with us about the top 5 countries her family has visited, travel tips, and how it’s impacted her family in a positive way!

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Show #007 – Life Skills in Education with Cheryl Bastian!

This month hosts National Parents as Teachers Month! I’m so excited to have Cheryl Bastian (educator, author, speaker, evaluator, mentor, blogger) on to speak with us about homeschooling and being both teacher and parent! We’ll talk about your VIP role as teacher and mom, learning styles, the big C words- curriculum and character, and most importantly life skills high school students need for life!

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