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One of the top questions that comes up for the Rewritten Life team is -- what books, tools, services, resources do you need to "Rewrite Your Life". We have tried nearly everything and have put together a nice list of resources we recommend.

We will never recommend something we haven't tried ourselves. And please know that these links below are affiliate links -- so we get a small credit if you sign up using our links. Thanks in advance for supporting us.
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Clickfunnels is a must have for any online business owner. If you sell products or services online -- we strongly suggest giving Clickfunnels a try. Funnels are simply the logical steps you need to sell something. Clickfunnels just makes it easy to create your landing pages, offers, email lists, affiliate offers and more.

They offer a FREE 14 DAY trial to get your feet wet with the system. We also have put together some bonuses for you on top of your trial. You can find those extra bonuses here if you'd like. Or simply signup for your FREE 14 DAY TRIAL of Clickfunnels here.
One of the first books you should read if you are wanting to make money online is -- Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson. This book talks all about how to find your message, build your tribe and change the world with your business. Click here and you can get a free copy of Expert Secrets (you just pay the shipping cost). It's a no brainer and a must read. 
The next book you should read is also written by Russell Brunson and it's called "Dotcom Secrets". It was actually published before "Expert Secrets" but I prefer to read them in this order. Dotcom Secrets talks about how you can grow your company online. The coolest part about this book is that you can pick it up for free (you just cover the shipping expense).
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