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25 Ways to Show Kindness at Work

Here are 25 ways that you can show kindness at work.

26 Quotes That Will Inspire You to be a Kinder Person

Here are 26 quotes on kindness.

Does It Take More Muscles to Frown or Smile?

Here are some thoughts on smiling vs. frowning.

How to Show Kindness to Your New Neighbor

Here are some ways to show kindness to a new neighbor.

Kindness Books for Kids

Here are some books on kindness for kids.

Kindness at Amusement Parks

Here are some ways that kindness can spread at amusement parks.

Mark Twain on Kindness

Here are some of Mark Twain’s thoughts on kindness.

How to Stop Hurtful Conversations

Here are some ways to stop hurtful conversations.

The Power of Education: How Learning Can Make the World a Kinder Place

Here are a few reasons why education can be a powerful force for kindness.

Five Ways Dogs Teach us Kindness

Here are five ways that dogs teach us kindness.

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Top 5 Tools For Online Business Entrepreneurs

Today we want to touch base on some of the top tools to use in your online business as an entrepreneur. This list is some of the sites, apps, tools that I use on nearly a daily basis. Some of these tools have been critical to growth of my company and I want to spread...

Education Blogs

Rewriting Your Child’s Education One Chapter at a Time

Read more about Sarah’s IDEAL education philosophy to help you have the best homeschooling experience for yourself and your kids.

Your Homeschool Curriculum – Where to Start?

Sarah looks at how to start your own curriculum when homeschooling and gives a list of resources she used and recommends.

How to Handle the Change and Homeschooling in Florida!

Today Sarah talks about How to Handle the Change and Homeschooling in Florida!

4 Reasons To Choose Homeschooling On Your Rewritten Life

There is no school equal to a decent home, and no teacher equal to a virtuous parent. -Mahatma Gandhi 1. Family First As an educator, I LOVED my students. Their likes, dislikes, learning styles, strengths, and weaknesses… I got to know them really well! However, what...

Travel Blogs

Today Is My 40th Birthday – And The Best Is Yet To Come!

Sarah writes a short blog on her 40th birthday that takes a trip down memory lane in her life.

10 Ways To Have A Memorable Thanksgiving

1- Surprise A year after we had moved to Florida, we had one ornery brother decide to place a baby in a carrier outside our front door step, ring the doorbell and run away! I thought, “WOW! Who would leave their baby on Thanksgiving?!! “ Their family surprised us all...

What Scares You? Do One Thing Every Day That Scares You

Quote of the Week "Do one thing every day that scares you!" – Eleanor Roosevelt Wow, powerful! What scares you?? For me, it’s putting myself out there with new ideas, projects, endeavors. It’s going to Gatorland . It’s the Orlando eye. It’s a roller coaster . It’s...

Tips To Help You Live Each Moment This Summer

It’s Summer… It’s Summer….. IT”S SUMMER!! As an educator, it’s the word I’ve waited to come to life since, I don’t know, spring break? It’s also the time when I say “Let’s plan that this summer!” or “I’ll get to that over the summer!”. Now, a week into it, and I’m...